Urban design


Welcome to the Urban Design at the University of Manchester blog!

This blog is meant to create a showcase of the teaching and research in urban design that is being delivered at the Department of Planning and Environmental Management of the School of Environment, Education and Development.

You will find the latest news on the work developed in urban design in the different programmes that deliver content in the field:

The MSc in Urban Design and International Planning (1 year RTPI accredited)

The MSc in Planning (1 year, dual RTPI and RICS accreditation)

The MA in Planning (4 years integrated master, dual RTPI and RICS accreditation)

The BA in Urban and Regional Planning (3 years RTPI partially accredited)

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if you are a prospective student interested in urban design please access SEED’s admission page for detailed information about all our programmes.

If you want to do research in urban design please access SEED’s admission page for postgraduate research students.

You can access PEM’s staff profiles to check the ongoing research and different research interests.

The blog will also give access to the multiple UoM online resources that are available for urban design, as the urban design toolkit, a resource that includes step-by-step tutorials, videos and screencasts to support students and practitioners in the development of different techniques.

Bookmark the blog and follow the most recent developments in urban design at the University of Manchester.